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Chiropractor San Rafael CA
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San Rafael Chiropractor

Schillinger Chiropractic & Wellness Center

San Rafael Chiropractic & Stress Management Services

Chiropractor San Rafael CA

We Can Help You Be Healthy and Happy

Welcome to our ever-growing community of patients at Schillinger Chiropractic & Wellness Center in San Rafael. Our staff provides a welcoming atmosphere which supports you to enjoy relief from both physical pain and mental anxiety.

Since 1985, we've been providing these wellness services under one "healthcare roof" with the goal of removing your body pain and reducing your mental stress:

  • chiropractic treatment
  • stress management therapy
  • physical therapy
  • deep tissue massage therapy
  • yoga and Pilates instruction
  • exercise rehabilitation

Please look over all of the information on the website to discover why Schillinger Chiropractic & Wellness Center was voted, 'Best", by both the Independent Journal, a newspaper in Marin, and the Bohemian, a newspaper in Sonoma.

Conditions Treated

Health Restoration

Enjoy relief from pain and anxiety today. Our chiropractic and stress management services will help you enjoy greater health and happiness.

Emergency Chiropractic

Get a comprehensive checkup after an injury. The longer you wait, the worse your conditions can become. You can start feeling better today.

Insurance Accepted

Our office is an In-Network Provider for most insurance companies. Our staff will handle your paperwork and bill your insurance for you.

Affordable Pain Relief

If you don't have insurance, we offer affordable payment plans which allows you to receive care whenever you need it.

New Patients Accepted

Dr. Schillinger is available to see new patients Monday through Friday. The office is open from 9 AM – 6 PM.

Affordable Care

Our Award Winning Wellness Prescription:
Flexible Body & Calm Mind = Health & Happiness

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I've Been a Chiropractor in San Rafael Since 1985!

My life's purpose is to help people achieve their true physical and mental potential by mentoring them to create a wellness lifestyle, so that they enjoy a healthy and happy life.

In addition to serving the community as a chiropractor in San Rafael, I've been focusing a lot of activity in the non–profit world. In 1990, I began my nonprofit public service career as an original board member of the Performing Stars of Marin. In 2000, I started a nonprofit organization called the Young Mens Ultimate Weekend, a non-religious wilderness rite of passage initiation for young men ages 13–20.

It's All About You

All of us at Schillinger Chiropractic & Wellness Center work together to serve you in your efforts to achieve your health and wellness goals. This is true whether we're helping a patient who has an automobile accident injury, suffering from headaches or dealing with mental stress.

In this era of decreasing personalized care, I assure you that my staff and I will get to know you personally so that we can take better care of you.

To help chiropractors and acupuncturists take better care of their patients, I began to teach a seminar called, Adjusting the Mind, in 2009. This 12 hour program demonstrates to health professionals how to incorporate stress management therapy, yoga and life coaching into their practices. This seminar is a California "Board Certified" Continuing Education course.

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Symptoms We Treat With Chiropractic Care

We treat the underlying cause of your pain, remove the symptoms, and show you effective self – care skills.


We'll provide the most effective healthcare options we think are best for you and then you choose which services you want. We'll then create your individualized care plan which will help you feel physically stronger and mentally relaxed, so that you can live your life to its full potential.

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