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San Rafael Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise Rehabilitation

My staff and I are serious about showing our patients how to safely, and effectively, exercise – in just 10 minutes a day! This allows people with even the busiest of schedules to stretch and strengthen their bodies, right at home.

Our exercise routines do not require workout machines and, in most cases, don’t even use weights, like bar bells or kettle balls. Incorporating our simple exercise routines into your lifestyle will virtually guarantee that you can continue to move your body, while preventing arthritis as you get older.

According to the latest brain science, an important benefit of brief, regular exercise is how it energizes your brain to function more effectively your whole life.

Basic Exercise Class

This FREE forty – five minute presentation is provided three times very month. It provides you with information and instruction on how to maintain an active lifestyle for your entire life.

While the main focus is how to stretch and do basic yoga postures safely in 10 minutes, I also cover topics that improve your lifestyle. These include stress management, nutrition, injury prevention, how to care for your spine, and chiropractic wellness principles and practices.

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Advanced Exercise Training

As your health improves, I’ll recommend a one hour long, private exercise training session for you. Our personal trainers and I will show you which yoga postures will be good for your structural problems and which ones can hurt you. This way, if you attend a yoga class at a studio, you’ll know how to participate safely.

We’ll also provide simple Pilates strength training instruction using resistance bands as the safest way to improve muscle and bone strength. You’ll be able to take home an inexpensive Pilates device which uses resistance bands. It’s a reliably safe way to improve your muscle and bone strength. It’s so small and light that you can take anywhere when you travel.

Additionally, we’ll show you simple routines to improve your balance and increase your aerobic capability. By incorporating this 20 minute exercise regimen into your lifestyle, you’ll be able to maintain good posture and prevent arthritis.

Yoga Intensives

Once a year I teach a special, 3 hour yoga workshop for people who want to learn the safest hatha yoga postures (asanas) for back problems. Because I’ve been studying yoga since 1970, I also present the authentic teachings from India, including

meditation practices, yoga philosophy, rejuvenating breathing techniques (Pranayama), and personal growth development. My patients who attend this Intensive are always amazed at how much they learned about the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga.

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You Do Not Have To Be a Chiropractic Patient To Attend Any of These Classes

The classes are open to patients and the public alike

  Stop Suffering From Pain And Discomfort.