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What would your life be like if you knew the right answers to (almost) every challenge or question in your life?

What Keeps People from Being Healthy & Happy?

Since the beginning of humankind, two questions have been asked time and time again, “Who am I?" and “What is Reality?"

Over the ages, many people who ventured on the path of self-discovery prematurely ended their journey. This occurred because they became frustrated by teachers who were too egotistical, or by teachings that were too dogmatic or too vague.

Unless people have truly, satisfactorily discovered the profound answers to these questions, I believe most people will suffer from an undiagnosed chronic anxiety. This deeply rooted tension can appear as physical pain, self-doubt and mental stress.

How Can I Help You?

My proven approach to life coaching will show you how to find your “right” answers, using your own Intelligence as the way to move you closer toward your true potential.

Using my RIGHT Way for Personal Growth® method, I’ll mentor you to help you discover, develop and master who you areyour true beliefs and behaviors — so that you can enjoy a life of authenticity and certainty.

Using my RIGHT Way for Spiritual Development® method, I’ll guide you to discover, develop and master what you areyour true perspective about existence, or the nature of reality — so that you can enjoy a life of tranquility and clarity.

Why the Method is So Effective

I have 31 years of experience showing my patients how to eliminate their anxiety from self-doubt, by accessing their own inner intelligence, the true source of their most authentic wisdom. The sessions offer sensible, life changing tips and transformational techniques that promotes self-exploration, self-expression and ultimately, self-realization.

My ability to create an open, safe environment allows you to quickly advance in your progress toward self-mastery.

Why choose me as your life coach?

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Free Life Coaching Consultation

Choose One Or Both Types of Coaching:

There are two types of coaching that I can help you with. One focuses on your personal growth, and the other focuses on your spiritual development. Typically, most people begin with the personal growth coaching and then move on to the spiritual development coaching.

Personal Growth Coaching

This type of coaching focuses on the question, “who am I?”

Using my RIGHT Way Method of Personal Growth, I’ll teach you how to discover your authentic virtues (core essential qualities) and translate them into your true values (your unique definition of your virtues). Then, I’ll show you how to create a lifestyle that incorporates the productive behaviors of your virtues and values, so that you naturally develop positive, self-confident beliefs about yourself.

Once you really know who you are, all of your decisions will become easier to make. You are no longer fearfully reacting to a problem, worried about what others think, or desperately searching for an answer outside of you. Instead, you’ll simply be responding to challenges with your own innate values.

Based on your life goals, I’ll show you which virtues you’ll need to develop. This will dramatically increase your self-respect, allow you to enjoy more rewarding relationships and help you finish your projects more efficiently.

One-on-one, Personal Growth Coaching will help you to:

  • Completely understand & accept yourself
  • Always voice what’s true for you
  • Ignite your creativity
  • Make all decisions with confidence
  • Predict where you will succeed and fail
  • Set and achieve the right goals
  • Release your limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • Enjoy a happier lifestyle
  • Have more meaningful relationships
  • Focus your attention
  • Re-program your subconscious mind

You Can Be Happier!

According to the latest scientific research in epigenetics (how your thoughts affect your genetic health), and neuroplasticity (how to rewire your brain with positive beliefs), you can dramatically improve your physical and mental well-being by consistently living a meaningful and fulfilling lifestyle.

As a result of our personal growth coaching sessions together, I’m certain that you’ll enjoy much greater authenticity and happiness!

Free Life Coaching Consultation

Spiritual Development Coaching

This type of coaching focuses on the questions, “What is Reality? What am I?”

In these sessions, I love to demystify spiritual concepts and religious philosophies so that you can comfortably explore the world-wide variety of enlightening principles and practices. Because I have no attachment to how anyone perceives Reality, I can create a spacious scientific and spiritual panorama for you to discover your own unique perspective about what you are and what this Reality is.

Whatever you call Reality, whether it be God, Universal Intelligence or Supreme Being, I’ll guide you to have deeper experiences with “It”, so that you can create your own paradigm about the True Nature of the universe, and how you most profoundly relate to It.

Ultimately, having an illuminating philosophy is often not enough to experience a lifetime of physical health, mental clarity and spiritual enlightenment. To ensure that you enjoy a lifetime of total well-being, I’ll help you integrate your innate wisdom into a “Way” of self-realization, in other words, into a genuine spiritual practice.

Spiritual Development Coaching will help you:

  • Stop “striving” for spiritual knowledge
  • Understand the paradoxical nature of reality
  • Stop over-identifying with your problems
  • Always feel connected to your Source
  • Empty your mind for the deepest relaxation
  • Skillfully control your brain wave patterns
  • Experience blissful happiness
  • Accept the diversity of reality to eliminate dilemma
  • Use music to rejuvenate yourself
  • Appreciate sexuality as a spiritual practice
  • Enjoy more optimism

You Can Be Enlightened

Enlightenment is not a condition that is meant for only a few select lucky people throughout history. While there is no one right way to realize enlightenment, I will guide you to discover a “Way” that’s profoundly right for you. By doing so, you’ll have attained what I call, “enRIGHTenment”, an existence of undeniable deep inner peace and gratitude.

As a result of our spiritual development coaching sessions together, I’m certain that you’ll experience much more freedom and joy!

For a free, 20-minute consultation to learn if I can help you, please call our office in San Rafael, at (415) 491-0959 or email us at

Free Life Coaching Consultation

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