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Wellness Store

Our wellness store provides a variety of nutritional and orthopedic supplies for our patients and the public. Some of the orthopedic supplies we carry include neck pillows, back supports, custom molded shoe orthotics, and body-relaxation tools.

The store carries a variety of “doctors only” supplements that are high quality and reasonably priced, often less expensive than at stores like Whole Foods. Our supplements have been selected, based on years of feedback from patients, and our continual efforts to research supplement companies with the highest standards.

Day With the Doctor (intensive mentorship with Dr. Schillinger)

This life changing, in your home, 10 – 12 hour event, is the ultimate lifestyle transformational makeover. Using The RIGHT Way for Personal Growth® method, you’ll re-discover what your deepest values and core beliefs are. Then, all unfulfilled and challenging areas of your life will be illuminated. Using your authentic values, you’ll learn how to overcome all of your obstacles. By the end of the day, your personal, family and professional goals will be organized to permanently move you in the RIGHT direction. .

Away With the Doctor (2 day intensive retreat with Dr. Schillinger)

Getting away from your daily home and work environment fosters new ideas, exciting experiences and better habits. At your personal retreat (at a resort, or hotel of your choice), you’ll receive all of the benefits from “Day With the Doctor”, plus you’ll learn the ageless wisdom secrets to eliminating anxiety and self –doubt. There’s also lots of supervised exercise and relaxation breaks.

Public Speaking (entertaining and educational presentations)

Dr. Mark is a professional public speaker, available to talk at the business you work, or at an organization to which you belong. Dr. Mark has made over 1000 presentations in the fields of personal growth, parenting, stress management, nutrition, exercise, time management and organizational teamwork. Find out how he can help you with a keynote presentation or a workshop for your organization.

Family Services (improving family relationships)

Dr. Schillinger is the co-founder of the nonprofit, Young Men's Ultimate Weekend, a modern, wilderness non-religious rite of passage for young men ages 13-20. He’s also the founder of Challenging Teenage Sons, an organization dedicated to showing parents and their sons how to restore caring and cooperative relationships in the home.

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